Our manifesto...

When a guest walks through our doors
We don’t simply check them in,
drop their bags,
show them the menu
bring them their bill,

We want them to feel part of our family.
Whether they’re with us for business or leisure.

You see, at the Town and Country Collective we understand family because we are one.
We’ve been running the business as a family for 25 years.
A father heads it up
A son drives it forward
And our people bring it to life.

They’ve not only grown up here
They’ve also risen up,
From pot-washers to head chefs, bar staff to managers,
All nurtured and developed as one of our own.

 And we’re by no means a small family.
We’ve got a host of staff across a lot of venues,
from the elegant Coed y Mwstwr, the peaceful New House, to the trendy Oscars,
all related by their homely atmosphere
And their welcoming vibe.

 You see family is important to us.
And we know it’s important to you.

So whether it’s the weekly Sunday lunch,
The mother’s day celebration,
The wedding festivities,
Or the parents-only night away
We’ll be there, to welcome your family, into ours.

You’re not a guest, you’re family